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With experience in all areas of the window tinting industry

I TINT are driven to provide a professional service to all of our clients.

We also offer a mobile service on request, should you not be able to come in to our workshop.

The areas we cover are the Waikato, Waipa, and Piako districts.


- Stop harmful UV rays up to 99% 
- Enhance appearance 
- Add privacy / security 
- Heat control 
- Reduce glare and sun fading



Window tinting is excellent for reducing glare in your vehicle.

We have a range of solar control window tint that is designed to provide protection from harmful UV rays

and greatly reduce the level of heat gain inside your vehicle.

This creates a more comfortable and safe driving environment, protects your interior from sun damage

and increases fuel efficiency by relying less on air conditioning.

Some types of window tint will also allow you to create privacy in your car, or work vehicle

while at the same time enhancing its appearance.



UV rays are the main cause of damage to your curtains, furnishings, carpet and wooden floors

causing fabric to fade and weaken, and wooden flooring to dry and crack.

Window tint protects your home up to 99%  against UV rays, keeping your furnishings bright and saving you money. With window tinting, heat that would normally pass straight through glass

can now be controlled to a level that you want.

During summer window tint will reduce the amount of heat in to your home

lower air conditioning costs and create a more comfortable living area.



UV rays contribute to the damage of merchandise, window displays and office equipment, causing items to fade and weaken. Protecting you and your staff from UV rays is also important.

Window tint can eliminate up to 99% of UV rays, keeping both you and your

products safe as well as saving you money.

Privacy can also be created in your office with either solar, reflective, or frosted tint.

Safety and security tint is available to add as a barrier against theft, and also an economical solution to safety glass. Anti-graffiti window tint is also available which protects glass from etching, scratching or spray paint and can be easily replaced if damaged, saving business owners from the huge expense of replacing entire windows.



Nano-ceramic window tint offers superior heat rejection and UV shielding properties

and is the number one solution for marine conditions.

Nano-ceramic tint does not succumb to fading or delaminating

making it the perfect window tint to use in coastal environments.

For more information feel free to contact us.

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